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Senabre Abogados in Benidorm

About Us

Our law firm is located in Benidorm (Alicante Province). We have extensive experience in solving legal and extrajudicial disputes. We are specialised in civil matters: claiming personal injuries and material damages of all kinds, such as debt claims and those arising from traffic accidents; we provide criminal and civil defence; and we also offer legal advice on civil and commercial contracts, urban and rustic leases and evictions, horizontal properties or communities of owners; as well as family and divorce, inheritance and successiones, Real Estate law, etc.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Bufete - Vicente Senabre Segrelles - Colegiado ICALI nº 1440
Vicente Senabre Segrelles
Lawyer emeritus Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Alicante (ICALI) practicing lawyer from 1976 to 2019
Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Bufete - Vicente Senabre Gallego - Colegiado ICALI nº 6275
Vicente A. Senabre Gallego
Collegiate lawyer nº 6275 Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Alicante (ICALI) practicing lawyer since 2006
Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Bufete - Emma Tania Gala Gallego - Colegiada ICALI nº 8017
Emma Tania de la Gala Gallego
Collegiate lawyer nº 8.017 Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Alicante (ICALI) practicing lawyer since 2014

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Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Accidentes de tráfico

Traffic accidents

We are well-known by having broad experience in claiming compensations for those who have suffered injuries from traffic accidents (drivers, occupants, pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists), as well as compensation for damages caused to vehicles or other properties, including collision of domestic or wild animals either on the public road or highways.

We immediately contact with insurance companies and owners of the vehicles causing the accident, and with the Consortium or Ofesauto -in case that foreign vehicles are involved in the accident-, in order to claim a compensation for personal injuries and material damages. We do also request a provisional compensation or a monthly pension, in cases in which the total compensation cannot be initially quantified, because injuries cannot be completely determined.

We carry out all the necessary procedures to ensure the injured party receives appropriate public or private medical assistance for the injuries sustained, including recognition by a forensic medical examiner or by a private medical expert. Besides, we bring civil or criminal legal proceedings that are more suitable to the accident in accordance with different factors: injuries severity, negligence or malice of the driver, the type of actor involved, etc.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Lesiones y otros daños y perjuicios

Injuries and other damages

Accidents or damages suffered in public roads occurred within the public administrations’ responsability

We claim personal or material damages that have taken place on public roads, due to normal or abnormal functioning of the public administration (City Councils, Ministries or the State), or because of shortcomings in public work or services.

We examine the case, and when it is feasible, we bring the corresponding administrative claim against the responsible Administration, gather necessary documents, and follow-through the procedure until the administrative file ends. Once the administrative procedure has concluded, we bring the Contentious-Administrative Appeal or the corresponding legal action, when applicable.

Accidents in water parks and attractions

We claim personal damages against aquatic and amusement parks, derived from facilities’ shortcomings, or as a result of a monitor’s reckless performance in the use of attractions.

Injuries and damages against the right to honour

Filling lawsuits in order to claim moral damages, or right of rectification, for insults or damages against the honor, issued by individuals or by broadcasting companies, including electronic means and social networks. Lawsuits regarding “right to be forgotten” towards Internet search engines or social networks, so that obscure personal information is canceled or it has no longer public exposure.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Reclamaciones de deuda

Debt claims

Debt claims of private or commercial contracts

We study economic and legal feasibility of your credit against the debtor, in order to file the most suitable extrajudicial or judicial claim, whether through the Monitorio procedure, verbal trial or the ordinary one. European Monitor Judgment (debts claims agasint foreigners). Execution of judicial resolutions and extrajudicial titles.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Comunidades de propietarios

Community Properties’ claims

We claim common expenses on behalf of the Community

We claim common expenses on behalf of the Community against defaulting owners as well as to take legal actions in order to cease disturbing or injurious activities to the Community.


We claim damages casused by dripping, leaks or damp, whoever has the responsibility whether an owner or the properties community.

Construction flaws

Claims against the developer, constructor or architect responsible for the defects or flaws that come under their responsibility.

Legal advice

Comprehensive advice to Community Properties regarding comunal areas, Community agreements for different needs (elevators, terrace closure, telephony and TV or satellite), assistance on annual and extraordinary general meetings.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Desahucios


Evictions for non-payment, rent recovery and owed amounts (electricity, water and others), termination for breach of contract or contractual deadline and precarious evictions. If needed, we also manage to provide a locksmith for the forced vacation date in order to regain the possession as soon as possible.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Consumidores y usuarios

Consumer complaints

Consumer complaints

Consumer complaints for defective products, right of withdrawal or cancellation in case of flight delays or package travel. Claims against workshops which have acted carelessly in a vehicle repair. We also fill lawsuits in order to cease or cancel unfair contractual terms and conditions.

Base clauses

Demands in order to eliminate base clauses in mortgages as well as reimbursement of its abusive loans interests.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Contratos y sociedades, poderes y requerimientos notariales

Contracts and partnerships, power of attorney & notarial matters


Advising and drafting in rentals and sales contracts, leases with purchase option, preparation and supervision of sales deeds, etc.


Judicial dissolution and liquidation of civilian or corporate companies. Legal action over the liability against company directors and demands for accountability, as well as challenging corporate resolutions.

Power of attorney, requirements and notarial deeds

Preparation of a wide range of notarised deeds such as notarial deposit and attesting to record relevant legal positions, general or specific power of attorneys, whether within the national territory or through consulates or embassies outside the country.

Wills and Inheritance

Drawing up of wills, no matter whether it is a notarial or holographic will. Liquidations and adjudications of notarial legacies. Legal division of the inheritance. Legal claim for inheritance acceptance.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Bienes inmuebles y fincas rústicas

Inmovable property. Urban & rural properties

Boundary procedures. Domain records. Right of usufruct and water, light and view rights. Legal action for the division of a property.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Divorcio y custodia de menores, y derecho de familia

Family law. Divorce and child custody

Separation and divorce legal actions by mutual agreement or contentiousness. Lawsuits for setting up guardianship regime, whether shared or sole custody. Demand for alimony and compensatory payments. Visits regime for relatives. Dissolution of the marital property regime. Demand for adoption. Disability demand.

Senabre Abogados Benidorm - Servicios - Penal: defensa y acusación por delitos

Criminal law. Defence and private prosecution

Defence and accusation in any kind of criminal procedure, including assistance to the offender in the police station or temporary prision. Preparation of reports and complaints. Attendance in trials. In addition, we appeal against disadvantageous court rulings. We are specialised in dealing with a vast range of criminal offences, from threatening and informatic offences to economic and agasint road safety crimes, such as driving under alcohol influence or reckless driving.

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